We’ll be back soon. In the meantime, have you met Nisha Ganatra?

Perpendicular Cinema has been on hiatus while we organize ourselves after one of us moved to a new country to be with the other.

While this specific post may not deal with the Perpendicular Cinema of decades past, Gaurav and I enjoy any opportunity to highlight contemporary women of color setting fire to the film industry’s old white guard.

That’s why you should really read about Nisha Ganatra, a Vancouver native and Golden Globe winner (for her work directing and producing the Amazon television series Transparent) who just directed the upcoming film “Late Night” starring Mindy Kaling:

Because the movie has two female leads—one is over the age of 50, and one is a woman of color—it was being framed as risky, and [people were asking], ‘Will it find an audience, will people like it?,’” said Ganatra. “The fact that it received a standing ovation and a record-breaking sale at Sundance is incredibly awesome and will help all the movies like it coming after. That’s the goal—to get more women in the door, more people of color in the door, and more of these stories on-screen so we can all have a more enriching entertainment experience. That’s pretty exciting.

Check out Ganatra’s Vanity Fair profile, from January 2019, here.

“Late Night” is set to premiere in US and Canadian theatres on June 7, 2019.